Connecting a new IP Camera

Connect any IP camera or use mobile phone as an IP Camera.
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How to add new IP Cameras and other devices
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Adding a new IP Camera
Devices can be found automatically or added manually.

Manually, click "Add camera" and enter the rtsp address of the video stream.

At the top, select the device type - ip camera. Using the "Test" button you can check the availability of the device.

USB camera can be added only to one tile.
IP camera can be placed on several tiles at once
Search IP cameras automatically

Click first "Search icon". The system will find ip cameras in your network

You can add a new device by clicking on the tile on "Desktop" tab or by using search form on "Devices" page.

Reuse old smarphone as an IP Camera
You can reuse your old smartphone as an IP Camera. Just install Free Security Camera app on your mobile phone. Software has built-in RTSP-server and stream video and audio over Wi-Fi from main or front camera using the RTSP protocol.

Enter connection string like:
admin - default login and password - IP address of mobile phone in your Wi-Fi network
1935 - connection port

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Home Security Camera
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