How to create live broadcast from an IP camera?

You can stream video from selected ip camera to your YouTube channel.

Publish Your Live Stream Instantly

Embed your IP camera stream directly on your website. You don't have to hire a developer and you don't need any coding knowledge. Simply export embeded link from youtube video and insert to your website.
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Streaming from an IP Camera

The app comes with native RTMP support and you can re-stream ip camera to YouTube, Facebook and other social media.
Thus, to organize an online broadcast with a minimal delay, you do not need to pay anyone anything.
Using youtube for video surveillance
Go to the online broadcast settings of your YouTube channel.

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a TCP-based protocol which allows low-latency live broadcast communication without a significant delay. To deliver streams smoothly and transmit as much information as possible, RTMP splits streams into fragments dynamically between the server and client.

Enter RTMP address and stream key in video surveillance software settings.

Live broadcasts will be automatically displayed in your personal YouTube online account. Set "Ultra Low-latency" in sream options.
Using YouTube for video surveillance
You can also stream online video from the selected ip camera to your YouTube channel.
Stream key and IP Camera
If you set the minimum delay in the broadcast settings on YouTube, then you can watch for free everything that happens at your home on the selected ip-camera online with a delay of only one or two seconds.

To do this, copy streaming key from YouTube channel to our software settings, and also select the desired ip camera from the list for which the broadcast will occur.

How to create Live broadcast from IP camera device and upload events to youtube automatically
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