Motion and time lapse recording

How to record time lapses?
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Using timelapse
Such an interesting technology as timelapse helps to achieve the required result. It has existed for a long time and has been used in the past mainly to study slow processes. Now this technological solution is successfully used in video filming. Movies shot in this way look like a sequence of photos taken at a specific interval. In this case, any interval can be selected: from several seconds to several hours. Usually photographs are taken from one point. Time-lapse technology allows you to reduce shooting time, save cloud storage space and reduce overall network load. It will provide an opportunity to receive only meaningful information and significantly simplify monitoring. For effective video surveillance, it will be enough to set an interval of 1 second. Full shot mode will only be activated for certain events. This will relieve the guard from routine work, thereby increasing the productivity of surveillance.
Immediately after starting the program begins to create a video archive.

All working cameras record in time lapse mode, even if nothing happens in the frame.

If there is a movement in the frame, the automatic recording starts ten seconds before the start of such motion.

Time lapses are highlighted in green. Video track corresponds to its video camera. Events are shown in red.
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Video tutorial
All events clips are located on the timeline and are highlighted in red. Finished videos in time lapse mode are highlighted in green.

Each video track corresponds to its video camera. If the event does not occur, only the time lapse is recorded. The duration of each file time lapse corresponds to 4 hours.

Our software lets you pull timelapse videos from your network cameras without installing any additional software. You can then publish these videos on your website and use them for marketing. For example, a building company can use a timelapse to show the progress on their latest building site.