How to set video privacy for uploaded files?

Download free version of Web Camera Pro
On the YouTube tab, you can link the program to YouTube channel.
To do this, you must have verified YouTube channel.
Link to your YouTube account
After connecting the channel, highlight the option "upload events to youtube".

For "Privacy Type"set "Unlisted".

You can use YouTube to save video files. But if you do not want your files to be available to other people, you must set the video privacy. This option will determine whether your video can be found through the search. Unlisted video can't be found, but you don't need a password. For "private type" you will need to sign-in to your youtube channel to see video, External apps and other people will not able to see it.
Live broadcast from IP camera

Adjust stream options on your YouTube channel.
Go to the online broadcast settings.

Use "low-latency" in sream options on your YouTube channel.

Live broadcasts will be automatically displayed in your account.

You can also stream online video from the selected ip camera to your YouTube channel.
How to set privacy and upload video to YouTube
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