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Security is not a luxury, it is Web Camera Pro

Video Surveillance Software

Web Camera Pro delivers a secure, cost-effective CCTV solution for your home and business, comes with motion detection and event-triggered video/audio recording. The video surveillance software also has advanced options for peer-to-peer remote viewing and streaming high-resolution video over the Internet, but the interface remains easy to use.
App features оbject detection and face recognitions using artificial intelligence in real-time.

Turns your PC into a powerfull CCTV security system
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Web Camera Pro - Video surveillance software

Key Benefits:
  • 1
    Multi-screen tiled drag and drop software interface. You can move tiles for viewing video on several monitors. Simultaneously manage recording from multiple security cameras. Automatic searching ONVIF security cameras according to the list of used passwords.
  • 2
    Remote video surveillance using P2P connections. No complicated setup and no white IP address required. Very simple interface with a minimum number of options. High-resolution stream and video playback.
  • 3
    24 hour time lapse security camera recording (1 frame per second). You can record time lapses form desktop, webcams and ip cameras in the background. Use mobile phone as an IP camera with our mobile app (Free Security Camera). Connect any USB and IP cameras for recording.
  • 4
    Convenient video archive
    Convenient viewing of the video surveillance archive. Recording video with h264 compression. All videos and timelapses can be easily archived on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk, Teambox, iCloud, AWS and other cloud storage locations.
  • 5
    Use real-time Intelligent motion and object detector based on artificial intelligence. ANPR and face recognitions.
  • 6
    Events and Alerts
    Upload video events to telegram messenger, Dropbox, Google drive, iCloud, , etc.. .Online broadcast video on YouTube and other social networks by rtmp.
CCTV Software for Windows
More than just pretty interface
At the top is a panel with the main tabs:
Desktop - the main window for displaying events and video from security cameras;
Devices - a list of devices (ip cameras, usb cameras) that you can use for video surveillance;
Archive - preview video surveillance archive and video events;
Settings - general settings of the program.

Tiles can be moved or moved to multiple monitors using drag-and-drop.
You don't have to buy an expensive IP camera. Install Free Security Camera app has a built-in RTSP-server to stream video and audio over Wi-Fi from your mobile camera. Use RTSP connection string like:

Connecting new devices

Use "search device" form to connect both ip and usb cameras.

The system will find new video surveillance cameras automatically.

Or add security camera devices manually by clicking on "Add device" button.
Web Camera Pro - Video surveillance and CCTV security software
Connecting new devices and IP Cameras
Video Surveillance Software
Default passwords

Enter default IP Cameras passwords before searching.

After y
ou can find all ONVIF IP Cameras / USB webcams automatically using search form on "Devices" tab.

The list of the default login credentials (usernames, passwords and IP addresses) for logging into common IP cameras.

Search ip cameras, webcams and other devices
IP Cameras Default password
Add new IP camera manually
Devices can be found automatically or added manually.
To add manually, enter rtsp address of the video stream.

For example:

At the top, select the device type - ip camera. Using "Test" button you can check the availability of the camera before saving.

Use your smartphone for free video surveillance
Mobile app
Use mobile phone as IP Camera
Wi-Fi Router
Port forwarding
Desktop Software
Video Surveillance System
Mobile app
App for remote video monitoring
RTSP Security Camera
Turn your old android smartphone into an IP camera
Home Security Camera
Use another mobile phone for video monitoring (Android app)
View CCTV archive
Video surveillance software allows the capture, storage and playback hd-video from multiple IP CCTV cameras or USB Webcams.
Immediately after starting the app begins to create a video surveillance archive. All working surveillance cameras record time lapses automatically, even if nothing happens in the frame.
A video-buffering technology allows you to record event 10 seconds before it happened. Intelligent motion detection algorithm makes software to react only if needed.

Video surveillance archive
Events are shown in red. Time lapses are highlighted in green. Video track corresponds to its video camera.
All events videos are located on the timeline and are highlighted in red. Finished clips in time lapse mode are highlighted in green.
Each video track corresponds to its video device.
At the top you can select the date of the archive. Events are shown in red.
If the event does not occur, only the time lapse is recorded. The duration of each time lapse file is 1 hours.
General program settings

In the general settings there are 4 main tabs:
• General
• Storage
• YouTube
• Telegram

In "General" you can select the program language and the folder in which the video surveillance archive is saved. For ecample, you can select dropbox or other network drive to save files.
All files are recorded in a selected folder with h264 compression in flv video container (Flash Video).

Connection type, main folder, YouTube, Telegram and other options
Select language and view the folder in which the video is saved.
Click on the "Open" button to
see the folder with video recordings.

In this folder there are directories: "Events" and "TimeLapses" with files.

Each folder corresponds to its date:
YYYY_MM_DD - years, months and days of recording.

Each folder corresponds to a specific camera, and folders within years, months and days of recording.
Link to your Telegram account
Enter your phone number and click "Link" to your account in Telegram. Read confirmation code from SMS and enter in the program.

Check option "upload events to telegram account". If person detected, the video will be uploaded automatically to your Telegram account "Web Camera Pro"

How to save video to DropBox and other cloud storages?
Video Tutorial: Uploading Video Surveillance Archive to DropBox and OneDrive. Recorded video can be stored on the Dropbox, Youtube, Google Drive, OneDrive, Teambox, iCloud, AWS and other cloud storage in addition to on your local drive.
Video Surveillance and Cloid Storages
Dropbox and other cloud storages
CCTV Software Features:
Change the concept from simple video recording to smart video surveillance using artificial intelligence.
  • Security and Safety
    Security and video monitoring without extra costs. You can easily install the security camera yourself - no need to read long instructions and call specialists. Record burglaries or any incidents. Provide safety of your property.
  • CCTV for Home and Office
    Video surveillance of the house, office, nanny.
    Enjoy your vacation - now you can quickly see your apartment an animals remotely via the Internet.
  • Object Detection
    Real-time object detection using artificial intelligence. Car number recognition. Face detection and recognition using computer vision technologies.
  • Record desktops
    Record videos from computer monitors/desktops in the background with H264 Compression for High Quality video.
  • Time-lapses
    Permanent recording time-lapses and events from any IP Security Cameras and computer desktop in the background.
  • Remote connections
    Use P2P for monitoring offices and employees.
    Increase employee security and productivity.
    You don't need a dedicated white IP address,
    expensive cloud or VPN..
P2P Video Surveillance

Web Camera Pro allows you to organize remote video surveillance without using dedicated IP addresses, UPnPct, DDNS or cloud server. The video surveillance stream is transmitted directly from one computer to the remote side using Peer-To-Peer (P2P) technology. Video streams from your security cameras are not transmitting to any cloud servers.
Start Web Camera Pro on local computer

Run software: Web Camera Pro

Select "Local Computer" and click "Run"

Use tab "Settings"

connect to video surveillance system
video surveillance system
p2p connection to ip cameras
Server ID and password
in General Settings

Select "General" in Settings.

Enter your password for remote P2P access to your video surveillance system.

Server ID (Your ID for P2P connection) will be created automatically.

Run app on a remote computer

Select "P2P Remote computer".

Copy and enter Server ID (Your ID) from local computer and password.

Click "Connect"

p2p mode for video surveillance