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Web Camera Pro is not just another surveillance software; it is a comprehensive solution that meets the ever-growing needs of security monitoring. Its advanced features, such as object detection, motion alerts, and facial recognition, set it apart from other surveillance solutions.
With its versatile applications in home security, property management, and specialized monitoring needs, it's a cost-effective and reliable option for anyone looking to enhance their security measures.
Enter Web Camera Pro, a state-of-the-art video surveillance software for Windows that brings security monitoring to the next level. Compatible with USB webcams and IP cameras, this software offers a range of advanced features designed to enhance online security.

Easy-to-Use Yet Powerful
Web Camera Pro is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface enables users to manage and monitor multiple camera feeds from a centralized location. Despite its ease of use, the software is powerful enough to meet the surveillance needs of various sectors, including residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Object and Motion Detection
One of the most prominent features is object and motion detection. The software can identify movement within the camera's field of view and alert you instantly. This feature is invaluable for real-time monitoring and quick response.

Event-Triggered and Time-Lapse Recording
Web Camera Pro offers the flexibility of recording video either when a particular event is triggered or at set intervals. This way, you're not sifting through hours of footage, saving time and storage space.

Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition
Advanced features like facial recognition and automated license plate recognition further elevate the software's capabilities. These are especially useful in high-security zones and restricted areas.

Home Security
Web Camera Pro serves as a robust solution for home security. It allows homeowners to monitor their property and receive instant notifications about any suspicious activities.

Real Estate and Property Management
The software can also serve the needs of real estate properties and community complexes. Property managers can oversee multiple units or even entire buildings from a single interface.

Car Parking Security

Car owners can particularly benefit from Web Camera Pro's capabilities. Motion detection alerts can be set up for parking areas, offering additional protection against theft or vandalism.

Nanny Cam and Kids Monitoring
For parents, the software acts as an effective nanny cam. It can send instant alerts upon detecting any unusual movement or activity in the room, ensuring the safety of children.

Pet and Housekeeper Monitoring
Web Camera Pro is also an excellent choice for keeping an eye on pets or housekeepers, offering peace of mind even when you are not at home.

Advanced video surveillance made simple with Web Camera Pro

Web Camera Pro is a highly sophisticated CCTV recording application for Windows that comes equipped with advanced AI technology, including deep machine learning algorithms
Video Surveillance Software

Surveillance Software for PC

Software Key Benefits:
  • 1
    A multi-screen tiling software interface that allows you to drag and drop tiles to view video across multiple monitors. Simultaneously manage recordings from multiple security cameras, with automatic search capabilities for ONVIF cameras using a list of pre-set passwords
  • 2
    P2P Connections for Effortless Remote Surveillance. No Need for Complex Configuration or White IP Address. User-Friendly Interface with Minimal Options. High-Definition Streaming and CCTV Playback Available
  • 3
    With 24/7 time-lapse recording at a rate of one frame per second, you can capture time-lapses from your desktop, webcam, and IP cameras in the background. Utilize your mobile phone as a security camera with our mobile app, "RTSP Security Camera". Additionally, you can connect any USB or IP cameras for recording purposes.
  • 4
    Convenient video archive
    Enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience with the surveillance archive. The video recordings are made with H264 compression for easy storage and retrieval. All recorded videos and time-lapses can be archived in a variety of cloud storage locations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk, Teambox, iCloud, AWS, and others.
  • 5
    Take advantage of the real-time intelligent motion and object detection powered by artificial intelligence. Additionally, the system features Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and facial recognition capabilities.
  • 6
    Events and Alerts
    Easily upload video events to popular platforms such as Telegram Messenger, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and more. Furthermore, you can live stream your videos on YouTube and other social networks through RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol).

Video Surveillance Software for Windows

Web Camera Pro offers real-time CCTV monitoring for home security, giving homeowners the ability to keep an eye on their property even when they're away. This software is also useful for real estate and property management, providing surveillance of tenant activity and unauthorized access detection. Additionally, face recognition features enhance security by identifying individuals entering and leaving the property
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Cloud Video Surveillance

VideoSurveillance.Cloud works together with Web Camera Pro to give you smarter and more reliable security camera footage. Even if your internet goes down, our system keeps working to make sure you're always protected. Cloud recording with Web Camera Pro only occurs in the event of a specific trigger.
⚠️ Limited Invitations: Due to high demand, we're limiting the number of cloud connections. Reserve your spot on our waiting list today!
Most cloud-based surveillance systems continuously record and process video streams, resulting in several shortcomings:

  • Data Loss: Poor internet conditions can lead to gaps in your security footage.
  • False Alarms: Inaccurate alerts and detections.
  • High Costs: Pay-per-camera pricing models can quickly become expensive.
  • Limited Storage: Short durations for retaining your video data.
Break Free with Web Camera Pro & VideoSurveillance.Cloud We've revolutionized video surveillance by tackling these issues head-on.

  1. Unlimited Local Archive: Access your video history from any number of cameras, stored securely on your local machine.
  2. Smart Video Analytics: Our advanced algorithms analyze video locally, eliminating the need for costly cloud-based analytics.
  3. AI-Driven Space Efficiency: Our smart technology automatically reduces the frame rate during inactivity, drastically cutting down on storage needs.
The Numbers Speak for Themselves Traditional systems require a staggering 810 Tb of storage to maintain a year-long, 1080p archive for 32 cameras. With Web Camera Pro, you can reduce that by hundreds of times through neural network-based object detection and timelapse recording.

Cloud Integration, On Your Terms Only record to the cloud when specific triggers are met, ensuring you're not paying for storage you don't need. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of live-streaming your IP cameras. Experience the synergy of cloud flexibility and local reliability, all in one package.

How to save video to DropBox and other cloud storages?
Video Tutorial: Uploading CCTV Archive to DropBox and OneDrive: A Step-by-Step Tutorial. Store Your Recorded Video with Ease on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Teambox, iCloud, AWS and other cloud storage options, in addition to your local drive
Video Surveillance Software for PC
Using Dropbox and other cloud storages
P2P Video Surveillance

Web Camera Pro enables you to set up remote video monitoring without the need for a dedicated IP, UPnP, DDNS, or cloud server. The video surveillance stream is directly transmitted from one computer to another using P2P technology, eliminating the need for video streams to be sent to any cloud servers
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