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Web Camera Pro offers a free solution for video surveillance, allowing recording from IP cameras and creating a local video archive, detecting objects, recognizing faces, and recording time lapses. It provides a comprehensive approach to resolving the issues associated with cloud IP cameras and their software. In its premium version, it enables interaction with the cloud service, offering a well-rounded experience for users seeking advanced security solutions.
Universal Connectivity
One of the standout features of Web Camera Pro is its ability to automatically connect to both USB and IP cameras without the need for a dedicated IP address or intricate router settings. This eliminates the technical barriers often encountered when setting up a video surveillance system.

No Need for Expensive Hardware
With Web Camera Pro, you don't have to invest in high-end IP cameras to set up a reliable video surveillance system. Your existing USB cameras or even old smartphones can easily be repurposed for this task. Just install the RTSP Security Camera app on any mobile phone, and voila, you have a fully functional IP camera.

RTSP-Enabled Streaming
Web Camera Pro isn't just versatile; it's also highly capable. The software comes with a built-in RTSP server, which means it can stream video and audio over Wi-Fi using the RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) protocol. RTSP ensures smoother streaming and lower latency, making it a great option for real-time monitoring.

User-Friendly Interface
No one wants to spend hours on end learning how to navigate complex software. Web Camera Pro is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone—even those without technical expertise—to set up and operate a surveillance system. The app is not only easy to install but also intuitive to use, allowing users to focus more on monitoring and less on troubleshooting.

Professional-Level Monitoring
Don't let its ease-of-use fool you; Web Camera Pro offers professional-level CCTV video monitoring. Whether you're a homeowner looking to keep an eye on your property or a business owner aiming to secure your premises, Web Camera Pro offers the quality and reliability you would expect from a professional-grade system.

Versatile Applications
From home surveillance to monitoring pets or even keeping an eye on your office, the applications for Web Camera Pro are endless. The software's versatility, coupled with its cost-effectiveness, makes it an ideal solution for a variety of uses.

Enhancing Video Surveillance with Innovation
Smart home technology allows remote control of devices, with security software playing an increasingly pivotal role in making a home "smart". The integration of advanced object and event detection software enables multifunctionality, simplifying installation and configuration processes, allowing, for instance, the recognition of license plates instead of using RFID tags to open gates or employing computer vision to detect the presence of smoke or open fire.

Multi-Functionality and Efficiency
This technological advancement does not rule out the necessity of specialized sensors or detectors; however, the mere presence of a camera and object and event detection software suffices for implementing computer vision. This multifunctionality renders the system easier to set up and configure, creating an efficient and comprehensive approach to home security.

Solving the Issues of Cloud IP Cameras
However, the use of cloud IP cameras and related software does come with its set of challenges, primarily involving bandwidth width, internet disruptions, and server overload. The high costs associated with cloud video analytics are another hurdle that users often encounter. One solution to these problems is to shift video analytics to the user's mobile phone camera or local computer. This shift alleviates the load on servers, reduces costs, and mitigates the impacts of internet interruptions.

Object and Event Detection
Object and event detection software contributes substantially to the multi-functionality of smart home security systems. Computer vision capabilities enable the identification of a variety of phenomena, from license plates to potential security threats, thereby enhancing overall home security. The use of such technology eliminates the need for more complex setups, allowing users to leverage their existing camera systems to detect anomalies effectively.

Addressing Bandwidth and Connectivity Issues
For users of cloud IP cameras, bandwidth width and connectivity remain crucial concerns. The high demand for servers due to cloud video analytics can often lead to overloads, causing disruptions in service and a decrease in system reliability. By transferring video analytics to the side of the camera of a mobile phone or a local computer, the stress on servers is significantly reduced, and the user experience is enhanced, allowing for more stable and reliable surveillance.

Cost-Effective Cloud Video Analytics
The high costs of cloud video analytics pose a significant barrier for many users. Solutions like Web Camera Pro allow users to navigate around this issue by providing a more cost-effective alternative. Users can opt for local video archives and object detection features without compromising on quality and security, ensuring accessible and affordable smart home security solutions.
IP Camera Software

Connecting to a new IP Camera

Adding a new IP Camera

Devices can be found automatically or added manually.

Manually, click "Add camera" and enter the rtsp address of the video stream.

At the top, select the device type - ip camera. Using the "Test" button you can check the availability of the device.

USB camera can be added only to one tile.
IP camera can be placed on several tiles at once
Search IP cameras automatically

Click first "Search icon". The system will find ip cameras in your network

You can add a new device by clicking on the tile on "Desktop" tab or by using search form on "Devices" page.

How to add new IP Cameras and other devices
IP Camera Software
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Reuse old smarphone as an IP Camera

You can reuse your old smartphone as an IP Camera. Just install RTSP Security Camera app on your mobile phone. Software has built-in RTSP-server and stream video and audio over Wi-Fi from main or front camera using the RTSP protocol.

Enter connection string like:
admin - default login and password - IP address of mobile phone in your Wi-Fi network
1935 - connection port
RTSP Camera
For Android
IP Camera Software