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Remote video surveillance has become an essential element of modern security systems due to the increasing need for remote monitoring of properties and businesses. Solutions like VideoSurveillance.Cloud and Web Camera Pro have gained popularity in this context.

Video Surveillance for PC

Cloud Surveillance offers a significant advantage by allowing users to store video recordings in the cloud, providing access to their CCTV feeds from anywhere. However, relying on third-party cloud services can be costly, especially for those with multiple cameras and long-term storage requirements. Additionally, each IP camera consumes a considerable amount of internet traffic, resulting in slower connection speeds and additional expenses.

The VideoSurveillance.Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution that incorporates intelligent video analytics in real-time by Web Camera Pro software on the stream sources side.

CCTV Software for Windows

On the other hand, Web Camera Pro is a local video surveillance software specifically designed for PC and Windows. This software utilizes real-time artificial intelligence to significantly enhance channel bandwidth and storage space, reducing the load on data transmission channels. By employing advanced features such as smart object detection, facial recognition, people detection, and car number identification, Web Camera Pro software greatly minimizes strain on communication channels and storage requirements.

Video Surveillance Cloud and Web Camera Pro work together as one solution. Web Camera Pro handles the video analytics, which takes the pressure off the communication channel and optimizes storage space by intelligently detecting objects. Meanwhile, Video Surveillance Cloud makes the solution scalable and provides secure storage for events and video recordings.

Video Surveillance Cloud, being a hybrid cloud solution, simplifies the process of connecting IP cameras for remote monitoring. It facilitates solution scalability and provides additional security for storing events and video recordings in the cloud.

Due to high demand, the number of invitations for connecting Web Camera Pro to the cloud service is limited. To be included in the waiting list, please contact us

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Video Surveillance Software Features:
Shifting from Basic Video Recording to Artificial Intelligence-Powered Smart Video Surveillance
  • Security and Safety

    Efficient and cost-effective security and CCTV monitoring at your fingertips. No need for technical know-how or specialist assistance, as you can easily set up the security camera on your own. Protect your property by recording any incidents, such as break-ins.
  • CCTV for Home and Office

    Monitor your home, office, or babysitter with ease. Keep an eye on your apartment and pets while you're away through remote Internet access.
  • Object Detection

    Leverage cutting-edge AI for real-time object detection, including license plate recognition and facial detection.
  • Record desktops

    Capture high-quality videos from your computer monitor or desktop with H264 compression.
  • Time-lapses

    Automatically record events and time-lapses from IP security cameras and desktop computers in the background.
  • Remote connections

    Enhance workplace security and increase employee efficiency by using P2P monitoring in your office. No need for a dedicated IP address, costly cloud services, or VPN.
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