Video Recording in CCTV system

Record Video from a Webcam, IP Cameras or PC Screen
Web Camera Pro has emerged as a reliable solution for these needs, providing a range of functionalities that make it stand out in the crowded surveillance software market. This article will delve into the most important functions of Web Camera Pro, focusing on video recording from various sources such as webcams, IP cameras, or PC screens.
The Five Pillars of Web Camera Pro's Surveillance Software

1. Live Viewing
The primary objective of any surveillance system is to provide real-time monitoring of a specific area. Web Camera Pro excels in this regard by offering live viewing capabilities. Users can watch real-time video feeds from one or multiple cameras connected to the system. The high-definition video streams are easily accessible, making it possible to monitor areas such as entrances, parking lots, and office spaces for real-time incident awareness.

2. Recording
The next vital feature is the ability to record and store video footage. Web Camera Pro allows users to record videos either continuously or based on certain triggers like motion detection. These recordings are stored securely and can be accessed later for review or evidence collection. The software supports various storage options, including local storage, cloud storage, and even Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems, offering flexibility in how and where the footage is stored.

3. Motion Detection
An effective surveillance system should be proactive rather than reactive. Web Camera Pro's motion detection feature helps in achieving just that. The software is capable of identifying movements and changes within the monitored area. Once movement is detected, it triggers notifications or alerts to specified users. This feature can be customized to ignore benign movements like a pet walking through the frame, focusing instead on more suspicious activities.

4. Remote Access
In our fast-paced world, it's not always possible to be near the monitoring system. This is where Web Camera Pro's remote access function comes into play. Users can access the video feeds from any location using a computer or a mobile device. This remote functionality not only allows for real-time viewing but also offers controls for managing the system settings, thereby providing full control even when you're miles away.

5. Playback
The ability to review recorded footage is crucial in any surveillance system. Web Camera Pro offers an intuitive playback feature, making it simple to go back and view past recordings. Whether you need to investigate an incident or simply review daily activities, the playback function provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation through stored video clips.

Web Camera Pro delivers a comprehensive surveillance solution, making it easier than ever to record video from a webcam, IP cameras, or even a PC screen. With essential features like live viewing, recording, motion detection, remote access, and playback, it offers a versatile and reliable option for securing your property or business. These functions collectively provide a seamless and effective video surveillance experience, giving users peace of mind in knowing that their premises are well-monitored and secure.
Video Recording in CCTV SOFTWARE

Video Recording and Video Surveillance Archive

How to view video surveillance archive?

The software for video surveillance begins by creating an archive of all recorded footage. All working cameras are automatically set to record time lapses, and if any motion is detected in the frame, the recording will start 10 seconds before the motion is detected. This helps to ensure that all important events are captured in the video archive.
Events are shown in red. Time lapses are highlighted in green. Video track corresponds to its video camera.

At the top you can select the date of the archive.
Each video track corresponds to its video device. First, select the video track at the bottom to view the video for the corresponding camera. Events are shown in red (full video recording). If the event was not detected, only time lapse is recording. The duration of each time lapse file is one hours.
The computer's hard drive houses the video archive, stored in a folder defined within the software settings. You can also opt to save the archive on network or cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive, which will automatically sync your data. This flexibility lets you select a cloud service that aligns with both your needs and budget. In case of hardware failure or theft, your video files are additionally stored on a remote server, providing an extra layer of data security.

The software organizes all recorded events and time-lapses in a dedicated database within the video archive. There are two distinct folders for time-lapses: one for time-lapses that occur between events and another for ongoing hour-long time-lapses. Web Camera Pro continuously buffers the video stream, enabling the recording of events that last from 45 seconds up to 3 minutes.

FLV-format video files, which are viewable on any media player, are neatly organized in folders by date and sorted according to the time of creation. Motion detection technology is employed to conserve disk space. For ease of reference, the software logs names of individuals, license plates, and identified objects.

Web Camera Pro offers a robust video surveillance solution, complete with features aimed at simplifying the management and retrieval of your recorded footage.
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