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How to record video events?

Immediately after starting the app begins to create a video surveillance archive. All working IP cameras record in time lapse mode, even if nothing happens in the frame. If there is a movement in the frame, the automatic recording starts 10 seconds before the start of such movement.
All events clips are located on the timeline and are highlighted in red. Finished videos in time lapse mode are highlighted in green.

Events are shown in red. Time lapses are highlighted in green. Video track corresponds to its video camera.
Preview ip camera video recording

Each video track corresponds to its video camera. First, select the video track at the bottom to view the video for the corresponding camera.
At the top you can select the date of the archive. Events are shown in red.
If an event occurs, then there is a full video recording. If the event does not occur, only the time lapse is recorded. The duration of each file time lapse corresponds to 1 hours.
If you try to use Chinese DVRs, you will notice that the detection in them is practically useless. When it is necessary to detect motion, this does not happen, but when it is not necessary, the recording is working. Therefore, they are usually swithed to continuous recording mode. Due to better detection based on computer vision, Web Camera Pro significantly saves space on the hard disk and cloud storage.

Videos are recorded on the hard drive of the computer in the folder that you specify in the settings. In the general settings, you can choose to save the video archive to a network or cloud drive. For example, if you select Dropbox, Google drive or other cloud storage, then the data will be automatically synchronized with the cloud storage.

Thus, you can choose the best cloud service for the price yourself. In case of equipment breakdown or theft, video files will be saved on a remote server.

You can also watch saved flv video files through any media player. A separate folder is created for each date. And the files themselves can be sorted by creation time.
How to record video from IP cameras and preview video surveillance archive
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IP Camera video recording
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