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When it comes to video surveillance, there are two primary types of cameras: analog and IP (Internet Protocol). While analog cameras have been around for decades and are still commonly used, IP cameras have become increasingly popular due to their many advantages. In this article, we will explore the benefits of IP cameras and how to use Web Camera Pro software for IP camera recording.
Benefits of IP Cameras One of the main advantages of IP cameras is their higher resolution. Analog cameras typically max out at 720p or 1080p, while IP cameras can reach resolutions up to 4K, providing significantly clearer images. IP cameras also have better zoom capabilities, allowing users to zoom in and still maintain image quality.

Another benefit of IP cameras is their ease of installation. Unlike analog cameras, which require separate power and video cables, IP cameras only require one Ethernet cable to connect to the network, making installation simpler and less expensive. Additionally, IP cameras can be accessed remotely, allowing users to monitor their property from anywhere in the world via the internet.

IP Camera RecordER

Web Camera Pro for IP Camera Recording

Web Camera Pro is an excellent software solution for IP camera recording. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, it makes monitoring your property simple and straightforward.
Here's how to use Web Camera Pro for IP camera recording:
  1. Install the software on your computer or network video recorder (NVR).
  2. Connect your IP cameras to the network.
  3. Set up the cameras within the software, adjusting settings such as resolution and frame rate.
  4. Configure motion detection settings to receive alerts when movement is detected.
  5. Access the footage remotely via the internet, or view it on your computer or mobile device.

In addition to recording and monitoring footage, Web Camera Pro also provides advanced analytics, allowing users to gain insights into their property's activity. This can be incredibly useful for identifying patterns or suspicious behavior, aiding in the prevention of crime and other security threats.

In conclusion, while analog cameras are still used by many, IP cameras offer several benefits, including higher resolution, ease of installation, and remote access. And with Web Camera Pro software, recording and monitoring your IP camera footage is simple and convenient, providing peace of mind and enhanced security for your property.

Web Camera Pro recording software key features, including:

  1. Motion Detection: The software can detect movements in the camera's view and automatically start recording when movement is detected.
  2. Video Archiving: The software can save recorded video footage to a local or remote storage location, such as a hard drive, network drive, or cloud service.
  3. Event Management: The software can manage recorded events, such as marking them as significant and highlighting them in a timeline view.
  4. The software can export recorded video footage for easy sharing or backup.
  5. Remote Viewing: The software can allow users to remotely view live or recorded video footage from a web browser or mobile device.
  6. Multiple Camera Support: The software can support multiple IP cameras, making it ideal for large video surveillance systems.
Preview ip camera video recording
Each video track corresponds to its video camera. First, select the video track at the bottom to view the video for the corresponding camera.
At the top you can select the date of the archive. Events are shown in red.
If an event occurs, then there is a full video recording. If the event does not occur, only the time lapse is recorded. The duration of each file time lapse corresponds to 1 hours.

How to record video events?
After starting the app begins to create a video surveillance archive. All working IP cameras record in time lapse mode, even if nothing happens in the frame. If there is a movement in the frame, the automatic recording starts 10 seconds before the start of such movement.
All events clips are located on the timeline and are highlighted in red. Finished videos in time lapse mode are highlighted in green.

cctv camera recorder
Events are shown in red. Time lapses are highlighted in green. Video track corresponds to its video camera
If you've experienced using some digital video recorders (DVRs), you may have noticed that their motion detection function is unreliable. It often fails to detect motion when necessary and unnecessarily records when there's no motion. As a result, many users switch to continuous recording mode. However, Web Camera Pro, with its advanced computer vision-based motion detection, can save a significant amount of space on both your hard drive and cloud storage.

Web Camera Pro is a highly sophisticated video surveillance software that offers advanced motion detection capabilities.

When recording, videos are saved in a folder specified in the software's settings. In addition, users have the option to save their video archive to a network or cloud drive. Whether it be Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud service, the data will be automatically synchronized with the cloud storage, allowing users to choose the best cloud service based on their preferred price point.

In the event of equipment breakdown or theft, the video files will be securely stored on a remote server, ensuring their safety. FLV video files can be easily viewed through any media player, and they are organized into separate folders based on their creation date, making it convenient for users to sort through and access their saved footage.
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Is Web Camera Pro free software?
Web Camera Pro is free video surveillance software, but with all the functionality of more expensive and complex solutions
Main Desktop. How to use multiple monitors and drag-and-drop?
Our Video Surveillance Software is more than just pretty interface
How to add new devices manually?
Manage recording from multiple IP cameras
How to add new devices automatically?
Use ONVIF search function for IP-based security devices
How to add IP Cameras?
An IP camera, also known as a network camera, is a type of digital video camera that can transmit and receive data via a computer network or the internet
How to add USB Cameras?
A USB camera, also known as a web camera or webcam, is a digital camera that captures video and sends it to a computer via a USB connection
How to view video archive?
Video surveillance archive refers to a collection of recorded video footage captured by surveillance cameras. This footage is typically on a hard drive or in a cloud-based storage system
How to record video events?
Software solution for motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording
How to use motion detector?
Motion detector utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and recognize objects
How to record time lapse?
Time-lapse is a technique in videography that involves capturing a sequence of images over a period of time
How to find video files on computer?
Video files are recorded on the hard drive of the computer in the folder that you specify in the settings
How to change language?
The software can be translated to different languages
How link to your YouTube account?
YouTube is primarily a video-sharing platform and is not designed for video surveillance purposes
How to upload video to YouTube?
Open software and configure the settings according to your preferences
How to create live broadcast from IP camera?
When setting up an RTMP stream, the stream key is generated by the streaming service and is required to be entered in the streaming software to authenticate and connect to the service