Free Surveillance Software

One of the major advantages of Web Camera Pro is its compatibility with most web cameras. With this flexibility, you can transform your existing PC into a robust video surveillance system without the need for specialized hardware. The software boasts a user-friendly interface, enabling users of all technical levels to set up and operate the system with ease. It's also optimized for resource efficiency, meaning it runs unobtrusively in the background without hampering your computer's performance.

Advanced Motion Detection

A standout feature of Web Camera Pro is its real-time motion detection capabilities. The software intelligently detects any movement in the monitored area and can trigger both video and audio recording. This serves as an immediate alert for any possible security threats. The software can be configured to record continuously or only when motion is detected, thereby conserving storage space and reducing the need for constant manual monitoring.

Event-Based Recording

Web Camera Pro takes surveillance one step further with its event-based recording feature. This advanced option allows users to configure the software to initiate recording only when specific events occur. For instance, you could set it up to record when a door is opened or when someone enters a designated area. This approach not only saves additional storage space but also focuses your surveillance on the most critical activities.

Real-Time Object Detection and Face Recognition

Thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, Web Camera Pro offers real-time object detection and face recognition features. The software can identify and track specific objects or individuals, allowing for highly targeted monitoring. Customizable alerts can be set up to notify you when particular objects or people are detected, offering another layer of security and convenience.

Remote Monitoring and Scalability

The software isn't limited to local monitoring. With features like peer-to-peer remote viewing and high-resolution video streaming over the internet, you can keep an eye on your home or office from anywhere in the world. All you need is a PC, laptop, or mobile device with internet access. Plus, Web Camera Pro supports multiple camera setups, so you can monitor several areas simultaneously.

Web Camera Pro redefines what you can expect from a free surveillance software. With its extensive features, such as advanced motion detection, event-based recording, real-time object detection, face recognition, and remote monitoring, it offers an unprecedented level of security and convenience for both personal and professional use. With easy setup and a user-friendly interface, this software truly makes advanced video surveillance accessible to everyone.

Free Surveillance Software for Windows

Let Web Camera Pro do the monitoring for you, so you can focus on what matters most

Video surveillance software for PC

Key Benefits:
  • 1
    A multi-screen tiling software interface that allows you to drag and drop tiles to view video across multiple monitors. Simultaneously manage recordings from multiple security cameras, with automatic search capabilities for ONVIF cameras using a list of pre-set passwords
  • 2
    P2P Connections for Effortless Remote Video Surveillance. No Need for Complex Configuration or White IP Address. User-Friendly Interface with Minimal Options. High-Definition Streaming and Video Playback Available
  • 3
    With 24/7 time-lapse recording at a rate of one frame per second, you can capture time-lapses from your desktop, webcam, and IP cameras in the background. Utilize your mobile phone as a security camera with our mobile app, "RTSP Security Camera". Additionally, you can connect any USB or IP cameras for recording purposes.
  • 4
    Convenient video archive
    Enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience with the video surveillance archive. The video recordings are made with H264 compression for easy storage and retrieval. All recorded videos and time-lapses can be archived in a variety of cloud storage locations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk, Teambox, iCloud, AWS, and others.
  • 5
    Take advantage of the real-time intelligent motion and object detection powered by artificial intelligence. Additionally, the system features Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and facial recognition capabilities.
  • 6
    Events and Alerts
    Easily upload video events to popular platforms such as Telegram Messenger, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and more. Furthermore, you can live stream your videos on YouTube and other social networks through RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol).

CCTV Software for Windows
More than just pretty interface

At the top, there is a panel that features the main tabs, including Desktop, Devices, Archive, and Settings.
The Desktop tab serves as the primary window for showcasing events and video footage captured by security cameras.
The Devices tab lists the available devices, such as IP cameras and USB cameras, that can be utilized for video surveillance.
The Archive tab allows users to preview the video surveillance archive and video events.
Finally, the Settings tab provides access to the general settings of the program.
It is possible to move the tiles around or transfer them to multiple monitors by simply using drag-and-drop.
You don't have to buy an expensive IP camera. Install RTSP Security Camera mobile app. It has a built-in RTSP-server to stream video and audio over Wi-Fi from your mobile phone camera. Use RTSP connection string like:

Connecting new devices

Easily connect both IP and USB cameras using the "Search Devices" form.

The system can automatically detect new video surveillance cameras or you can manually add them by clicking on the "Add Device" button
Video surveillance and CCTV security software
Connecting new devices and IP Cameras
Video Surveillance Software
Default passwords

To start the search, enter the default passwords for your IP cameras.

Then, using the search form on the "Devices" tab, you can easily find all ONVIF IP cameras and USB webcams.

The list of default login credentials, including usernames, passwords, and IP addresses, for logging into commonly used IP cameras.
Search ip cameras, webcams and other devices
IP Cameras Default password
Add new IP camera manually
Devices can be located automatically or added manually by entering the RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) address of the video stream. As an example, the RTSP address format is as follows:

For example:

When adding a device manually, first select the device type as an IP camera. You can use the "Test" button to verify the camera's availability before saving the information.
Utilize your smartphone for cost-effective video surveillance
Mobile app
Use mobile phone as IP Camera
Wi-Fi Router
Port forwarding
Desktop Software
Video Surveillance System
Mobile app
App for remote video monitoring
View CCTV archive
Our video surveillance software offers the ability to capture, store, and play back high-definition video from multiple IP CCTV cameras or USB webcams. The moment you start the app, it begins building a video surveillance archive. All functioning surveillance cameras record time-lapses automatically, even if there is no activity in the frame. The video buffering technology enables the recording of events up to 10 seconds before they occur. An intelligent motion detection algorithm ensures the software only reacts when necessary.
Video surveillance archive
Events are shown in red. Time lapses are highlighted in green. Video track corresponds to its video camera.
All recorded events are displayed on a timeline and are highlighted in red. Completed time-lapse clips are highlighted in green.. Each video track corresponds to a specific video device. At the top of the screen, you can choose the date for the archive, and events will be shown in red. If no events take place, only the time-lapse recording is stored. Each time-lapse file has a duration of 1 hour.
General program settings
The general settings consist of four main tabs:
• General
• Storage
• YouTube
• Telegram
Under the "General" tab, you can select the program language and the folder where the video surveillance archive will be saved. For example, you can choose to save the files to Dropbox or another network drive. All recordings are saved in the selected folder using H264 compression and stored in the FLV (Flash Video) video container format.
Connection type, main folder, YouTube, Telegram and other options
Select language and view the folder in which the video is saved.
Click the "Open" button to access the folder containing the video recordings.
This folder contains two directories: "Events" and "TimeLapses," each containing respective files.
Each folder is named according to the date of recording, using the format YYYY_MM_DD (year, month, and day).

Each folder corresponds to a specific camera, and folders within years, months and days of recording.
Link to your Telegram account
Enter your phone number and click "Link" to your account in Telegram. Read confirmation code from SMS and enter in the program.

Check option "upload events to telegram account". If person detected, the video will be uploaded automatically to your Telegram account "Web Camera Pro"
How to save video to DropBox and other cloud storages?
Video Tutorial: Uploading Video Surveillance Archive to DropBox and OneDrive: A Step-by-Step Tutorial. Store Your Recorded Video with Ease on Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive, OneDrive, Teambox, iCloud, AWS and other cloud storage options, in addition to your local drive.
Video Surveillance and Cloud Storages
Dropbox and other cloud storages
CCTV Software Features:
Change the concept from simple video recording to smart video surveillance using artificial intelligence.
  • Security and Safety
    Efficient and cost-effective security and video monitoring at your fingertips. No need for technical know-how or specialist assistance, as you can easily set up the security camera on your own. Protect your property by recording any incidents, such as break-ins.
  • CCTV for Home and Office
    Monitor your home, office, or babysitter with ease. Keep an eye on your apartment and pets while you're away through remote Internet access.
  • Object Detection
    Leverage cutting-edge AI for real-time object detection, including license plate recognition and facial detection.
  • Record desktops
    Capture high-quality videos from your computer monitor or desktop with H264 compression.
  • Time-lapses
    Automatically record events and time-lapses from IP security cameras and desktop computers in the background.
  • Remote connections
    Enhance workplace security and increase employee efficiency by using P2P monitoring in your office. No need for a dedicated IP address, costly cloud services, or VPN.
Surveillance Software

Software for CCTV Surveillance

FAQ: Do you have any questions?
Below, you will find the answers!
Is Web Camera Pro free software?
Web Camera Pro is free video surveillance software, but with all the functionality of more expensive and complex solutions
Main Desktop. How to use multiple monitors and drag-and-drop?
Our Video Surveillance Software is more than just pretty interface
How to add new devices manually?
Manage recording from multiple IP cameras
How to add new devices automatically?
Use ONVIF search function for IP-based security devices
How to add IP Cameras?
An IP camera, also known as a network camera, is a type of digital video camera that can transmit and receive data via a computer network or the internet
How to add USB Cameras?
A USB camera, also known as a web camera or webcam, is a digital camera that captures video and sends it to a computer via a USB connection
How to view video archive?
Video surveillance archive refers to a collection of recorded video footage captured by surveillance cameras. This footage is typically on a hard drive or in a cloud-based storage system
How to record video events?
Software solution for motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording
How to use motion detector?
Motion detector utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and recognize objects
How to record time lapse?
Time-lapse is a technique in videography that involves capturing a sequence of images over a period of time
How to find video files on computer?
Video files are recorded on the hard drive of the computer in the folder that you specify in the settings
How to change language?
The software can be translated to different languages
How link to your YouTube account?
YouTube is primarily a video-sharing platform and is not designed for video surveillance purposes
How to upload video to YouTube?
Open software and configure the settings according to your preferences
How to create live broadcast from IP camera?
When setting up an RTMP stream, the stream key is generated by the streaming service and is required to be entered in the streaming software to authenticate and connect to the service