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The Video Surveillance Cloud is not just another technological solution for your security needs; it's a revolution in the world of video surveillance. Built to redefine the traditional Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solutions, it's a hybrid cloud technology that combines the best of both worlds—local intelligence and cloud-based storage. Through the integration of Web Camera Pro's real-time intelligent video analytics technology, this platform reimagines scalability, accessibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in the realm of video surveillance.
Advantages of Video Surveillance Cloud

Scalability is at the core of any modern security solution. Traditional video surveillance systems often require significant investments in local storage and processing power. Video Surveillance Cloud, however, removes this constraint. The cloud-based infrastructure enables easy scaling as and when required, be it extra storage space or additional processing capabilities.

In an increasingly mobile world, having the ability to access surveillance footage from anywhere is crucial. Gone are the days when you needed to be tethered to a particular location to monitor your premises. With Video Surveillance Cloud, you can access your surveillance feed from any device—be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone—as long as you have an internet connection. This level of accessibility is unparalleled and puts you in control, always.

High reliability is another cornerstone of Video Surveillance Cloud. The system is designed with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure that you never lose important video footage. Cloud-based storage is distributed and managed in such a way that even if one server fails, the data remains accessible from another location. This level of fault tolerance makes the solution exceptionally reliable.

Managing and maintaining a local video surveillance system often incur hidden costs—from power consumption for local storage devices to maintenance and upgrades. Video Surveillance Cloud eliminates these costs. By storing all footage on the cloud, the need for local storage devices is eradicated, making the entire system more cost-effective.

The Technological Edge: Web Camera Pro

One of the most significant advantages of the Video Surveillance Cloud is its integration with Web Camera Pro, a local video surveillance software for Windows. Web Camera Pro uses real-time intelligent video analytics technology to substantially reduce the load on both the communication channel and cloud storage. This is accomplished through features like object detection, people detection, facial recognition, and car number identification. This not only makes the system smarter but also significantly more efficient.

Additional Features: Reliability and Fault Tolerance

The Video Surveillance Cloud boasts of advanced features like real-time intelligent analytics, horizontal scaling capabilities, and a data buffering feature that further enhance its reliability and fault tolerance. These technologies work in tandem to ensure that the system can adapt to various needs and scenarios, making it one of the most robust solutions available in the market.

The Video Surveillance Cloud is the next logical step in the evolution of security systems. With its cloud-based storage, real-time analytics courtesy of Web Camera Pro, and numerous other benefits, it offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the limitations of traditional systems. Its scalability, accessibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to secure their premises in the 21st century.

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FAQ: Do you have any questions?
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Is Web Camera Pro free software?
Web Camera Pro is free video surveillance software, but with all the functionality of more expensive and complex solutions
Main Desktop. How to use multiple monitors and drag-and-drop?
Our Video Surveillance Software is more than just pretty interface
How to add new devices manually?
Manage recording from multiple IP cameras
How to add new devices automatically?
Use ONVIF search function for IP-based security devices
How to add IP Cameras?
An IP camera, also known as a network camera, is a type of digital video camera that can transmit and receive data via a computer network or the internet
How to add USB Cameras?
A USB camera, also known as a web camera or webcam, is a digital camera that captures video and sends it to a computer via a USB connection
How to view video archive?
Video surveillance archive refers to a collection of recorded video footage captured by surveillance cameras. This footage is typically on a hard drive or in a cloud-based storage system
How to record video events?
Software solution for motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording
How to use motion detector?
Motion detector utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and recognize objects
How to record time lapse?
Time-lapse is a technique in videography that involves capturing a sequence of images over a period of time
How to find video files on computer?
Video files are recorded on the hard drive of the computer in the folder that you specify in the settings
How to change language?
The software can be translated to different languages
How link to your YouTube account?
YouTube is primarily a video-sharing platform and is not designed for video surveillance purposes
How to upload video to YouTube?
Open software and configure the settings according to your preferences
How to create live broadcast from IP camera?
When setting up an RTMP stream, the stream key is generated by the streaming service and is required to be entered in the streaming software to authenticate and connect to the service