Free Video Surveillance Cloud

Video Surveillance Cloud is managed online data service that for customers video surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).
With Video Surveillance Cloud you don't need capital investment in hardware servers, but it has heavy bandwidth requirements.
Download free version of Web Camera Pro
How to use Web Camera Cloud?
Link app to Web Camera Cloud
Create verified Channel
Link your channel on YouTube tab.
Link to your YouTube account in Application
Click the "Link to your YouTube account" button. Enter G+ login information and seclet YouTube Channel to link.

After linking the channel, highlight the option "upload events to youtube".

If person detected, the video will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel.

In the settings, set the privacy of uploadable files, so that they can not see outsiders.
Select "Unlisted" option.

Broadcast Your IP Cameras Directly On Your website And On Social Media.

How it works
Video Surveillance Software
Free Video Video Surveillance Server Software
Lets you connect ip cameras in just one minute.
If your computer doesn't already have a built-in webcam, you'll need to attach and set up an external IP Camera before you'll be able to stream and upload video files
Link to your youtube channel.
Youtube lets you store video and see video streams
Web Camera Cloud
See your video events and streaming
in your personal account
Video Surveillance Cloud