Video Management Software

More than just pretty interface...

The Best IP Video Surveillance and Video Management Solution.
Web Camera Pro records video from cameras and other sources to a storage device,
provides superb interface to both view the live video and access recorded video,
features simultaneously manage recording from multiple webcams, monitors and IP camera devices
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Home Security Camera
Use mobile phone for video monitoring

The program has a modern tiled interface with support for multiple monitors.

Tiles can be moved or moved to multiple monitors using drag-and-drop. The recorded events is displayed on the left side of the main window.
On the right are the tiles with the video captured online from devices.

At the top is a panel with the main tabs:
Desktop - the main window for displaying events and video from cameras;
Devices - a list of devices (ip cameras, usb cameras) that you need to use for video surveillance;
Archive - view video archive and events;
Settings - general settings of the program.
Web Camera Pro features motion detection and significantly saves space on the hard disk and cloud storage.

During object detection, information is recorded in the event log. Names of persons, license plates of cars and recognized objects are recorded in the log. Files are recorded on the hard drive in the folder that you specify in the settings.

If you select Dropbox, Google drive or other cloud storage, then the data will be automatically synchronized with the cloud storage. Thus, you can choose the best cloud service for the price yourself. In case of equipment breakdown or theft, video files will be saved on a remote server.