Linking to Youtube and uploading video

You can use YouTube to save video in your video surveillance system
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To upload a video to YouTube, you need to follow several steps:

1. You need to create your own YouTube channel if you don't have one.

2. In order to be able to make live broadcasts, you will need to confirm your phone number to which your gmail account is linked (you must have verified YouTube channel.).

3. After that, you will need to link your YouTube account and our program. On the YouTube tab use "link" button to link the program to your YouTube channel. You can watch the whole process in the video below. Watch the video tutorial on
Link to your YouTube account
Click the "Link to your YouTube account" button. Enter the data and select the desired channel to use for free video surveillance
After connecting the channel, highlight the option "upload events to youtube".
If any event occurs, the video with the event will automatically be uploaded to your YouTube channel. In the settings, determine the privacy "Unlisted" of downloadable videos, so that they can not see outsiders.
How to link Youtube account in video surveillance app
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